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Julia Greenberg is a Brooklyn-based chanteuse and songwriter and erstwhile musical theater composer. In addition to putting out rock records, Julia co-wrote the hit off-Broadway rock opera People Are Wrong! with Robin Goldwasser, and the music for the off-Broadway play Cavedweller with Stephen Trask.  Julia’s music has been featured on This American Life, the Oxygen Network, and ESPN, and Ronnie Spector recorded one of her songs. When not writing her own music, Julia interprets the music of the late great Dory Previn and attempts to share the magic of this under-known genius with the world. Julia can also be found performing her own quasi-confessional, often witty, but always melodic songs in clubs in NYC and small 100-year old school houses in the Catskills. Julia’s new album, Greenland, will be released the summer of 2018.  


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Upcoming Show

Pete's Candy Store

August 11, 4 PM

Mary Lee Kortes at 5

Laura Cantrell at 6 





in the Press

Press on People Are Wrong!

The buoyant and varied score, by Julia Greenberg and Robin Goldwasser (Flansburgh’s real-life wife), tells its tale in a catchy array of genres, from alt-country to 1980s stadium anthem, and the lively singer-actors have a blast tapping into their inner rock stars.

— Newsday

Julia Greenberg and Robin Goldwasser have never before written a musical, separately or in concert. Yet there is little unassured about their debut, a flowery tale of an alien cum cult leader cum landscape designer
— -Village Voice

Press on Past Your Eyes

“Her roots -pop style is similar to Sheryl Crowe, but with a more accessible and witty edge. When she plays with a band, it is all out rock; she also performs solo with her electric guitar.
— New York Times, March 11, 2001

Greenberg’s new album is packed with hook-laden pop gems that exude a radio-friendly, slightly retro vibe. Blessed with a wondeful gift for melody.
— Performing Song Writer, August, 1999

There is nothing subtle about Greenberg’s flair for making the most of a strong pop sensibility and writing brazen, heartfelt lyrics. Awash in hoods the size of texas and a lyrical wit to match.
— CMJ New Music Report, January, 2000

Press on Cavedweller

A further compensation: Hedwig composer Stephen Trask and downtown chanteuse Julia Greenberg provide the music for Mud Dog. The songs, reminiscent of L.A. punks X on fewer amphetamines, make the scene changes a source of eager anticipation. In a play of ample rewards, they are another wild gift.
— -Village Voice

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